Growing up in Belfast’s booming backyard of musical excellence Tomas has been educated and cultured by a long list of well-established talent sculpting and shaping the electronic dance scene of Northern Ireland.

Absorbing inspiration and intuition from the finest local high flying heavy hitters such as Mandy Reid, Gleave Dobbin, and Robbie Nelson. Tomas has perfected a style and delivery technique reputable for attracting and cementing his status on the main stage of dance music.

His perseverance, dedication and will to succeed in the industry has been evident in his many projects and early works of production which has inspired Juiced Digital Recordings; a self-managed label dedicated to fostering new upcoming and established producers.

Once a resident of Belfast’s prestigious and prolific Precious nightclub for over two years Tomas has a mutual understanding of how to satisfy and surprise any dance floor full of crazed clubbers. His commitment and desire to showcase his talents will no doubt bring Tomas to a DJ box near you.
December 28





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