01-03-2007 Mark Youssef Live For Audition 006 With Guest 4Mal

Mark Youssef

Oct 1, 2006
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:hello: hey guys how r u all?hope u all are well my show will gonna start after a while from now with a very very special guest 4Mal his a producre and dj from Russia forgot to say they are 2 guys not one anyhow i hope u all like my guest mix for 2night and about my mix as always progy progy style :) from start to the end !!!hope u like too and please guys please leave ur feedbacks for the show and ur coments plzz u r welome to say anything u want thx guys and here it is all the track list for me and for my guest too and a small bio for my guest too thx guys :hello: :ah:

Mark Youssef Live For Audition 006 March 2007 On Afterhours Fm

1- Igal Magitman - Wusik Feeling (Original Mix)
2 -Trafik - Your Light (Luke Chable Dub Mix)
3- ID
4- ID
5- Rick Pier O Neil Feat Mister A - Turn Off (Rpo Part 2)
6- Jay Lumen - Way To Eternity (Gift Remix)
7- Bs As Deep - I Can't Lose
8- ID
9- Flowjob - Clouds politcis
10 - Probspot - Renegade

4Mal Guest Mix On Audition 006 on Afterhours Fm

1. M&D Substance - Walking Alone - Original mix [Blueplasma Records]
2. Faces - Tsunami - Original mix [No Smoking Records]
3. Fitalic - No Way Out - Edel's Balearic mix [Pure Substance Records]
4. Dousk - Biz1982 - Original mix [Mashtronic Records]
5. Chris Micali - 25 - Original mix [Reversible Records]
6. Promo - Promo - 4Mal remix - 2007 [to be announced]
7. Miro - By Your Side - Sonorous remix [Euphonic Records]
8. Ormatie - Glossow - Terje Bakke remix [Arctic Wave Records]
9. Benz & MD - Still Rain - Original Mix [Silver Planet Recordings]

and the bio for my guest 4Mal

Anton Guzev and Evgeny Svalov met in November 2001 in a nightclub in Yekaterinburg, and found they shared a mutual love of the early «Renaissance Masters» and «Renaissance Desire» series (in particular DJ mixes by Danny Tenaglia and Danny Howells). They started producing progressive house together under the alias Formal in 2002, and also continued producing trip-hop (as «Infected Voice» with Ilya Peutin) and deep techno (as «Fragile White» with Oleg Mikhailenko).

After creating a stir with DJs with their first single «Where I Belong», the pair signed to Baroque under the modified alias 4Mal in 2004. Their subsequent releases, «Twilight» and their remix of Santiago Nino's «Arpeggia», signalled 4Mal as an increasing force to be reckoned with on the EDM scene. Anton and Evgeny have continued to hone their distinctive, deep melodic progressive sound, releasing the acclaimed «Red Dust» and «First Sense» EPs on Nascent and Distinto, as well as providing remixes for Jose Amnesia, Micah, Damien Heck, Santiago Nino, Native & Ani, Freza & DJ Flash. They're also currently working with Matthew Adams and Corey Andrew from Audiodrone, and experimenting with a techier prog sound on their new «Square Coil» project.
As a result, their recent work «Morning Touch» came. It combines refined melodic details of trance with moving basslines of progressive and naughty elements of tech house. The Original mix is rather eclectic and following the tradition of putting different styles together and is more for tech-house heads and early morning hours while the Re-Worked version will suit into the peak-time part of any progressive house DJ.
In Summer and Autumn 2006 4Mal teamed up with Matthew Adams, their German friend and extremely gifted musician and Corey Andrew, a well-known singer from NYC, United States. Together they produced a track called «Technology & Computer Parts» which is coming soon together with mixes by 4Mal, Matthew Adams and Michael Feihstel.
2007 began for Evgeny and Anton with their solo work «Lonely Days», a remix for Native & Silver featuring Ani («The Dome» - 4Mal's Sub Flowing Intro mix) and a remix for the Russian duo from Murmansk, Fakesoul («Oversense» - 4Mal's Above The Ground remix).

thx guys and see u next month :) :ah:
im more into trance ... but this is sounds good ... :)
i am also , more into trance but the music is flow great and the mix work also
Greetings from Yekaterinburg!

Hi everybody and many thanks for tuning in last night!
Cheers to Mark for the invitation and just a little reminder that we will be his guests again in April! :)
Evgeny & Anton // 4Mal
Hi everybody and many thanks for tuning in last night!
Cheers to Mark for the invitation and just a little reminder that we will be his guests again in April! :)
Evgeny & Anton // 4Mal

thanks for a great show 4mal :)