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01-03-2008 Alaa - Nellie Sessions 005

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Jul 27, 2007
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Alaa - Nellie Sessions

every 1st Saturday
EST: 11.00 - 12.00
GMT: 16.00 - 17.00
CET: 17.00 - 18.00

Please feel free to comment on the show.

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Hello all of you AHers...
Some of you might think, who is Alaa? Where is Transparance?
It's the same person, if you didn't know, my real name is Alaa. I used to produce Trance under the name Transparance... but from next release I will only use my real name, so that's why I made this change for Nellie Sessions aswell...

Allright then... C U @ 1700. CET!
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we are around :super:

hello transparance :wave:
love this track, its on Amsterdam 08 if i'm not mistaken :super:
that was Glenn Morrison- Blue Skies With Linda :super:
Yes! it is :)

Tracklist this far:
Sebastian Leger and Chris Lake - Word
Jonas Steur and Leon Boiler - The Night Is Young
Glenn Morrison - Blue Skies with Linda :lol:
and now... Funabashi - Angelina (Steve Nomac Remix)

fixed :)
Gianluca Motta - Not Alone - Deadmau5 Remix

The mau5 is in the hou5e :D

Under the stars
We run in the wind
Taking every single moment that we can
Look into your eyes
We run from the lights
Believe it but you can’t know how I feel
I can’t believe that you still think we’re friends
Like someone I just met, you can’t pretend
That you don’t feel the magic, tell your mind
And I am on a mission to show you how
These are moments you can’t live without
Knowing that you can’t ever say goodbye

And you feel
Like you’re all alone
Can’t you recover your heart and let it go?
And you see
Just how good we’d be
Just close your eyes now and let your body feel

And now you feel
Like you’re all alone
My love will surround you
In ways that you don’t know
And now you feel
Like it could be real
My love will surround you
Close your eyes and see

And out of this daze
Where memories were made
And tell you how the life you want to leave
Lightning will strike
In a way that you like
And fate will take its hand just come to me

I can’t believe you’re coming back around
For a moment you were there and you hit the ground
It’s almost like you started to believe
You say enough for me to know you tried
But everyting you’re feeling is stuck inside
Open up your heart and set us free

And now you feel
Like you’re all alone
Telling everybody
Nothing’s going on

And then you stood
Feeling so alone
It’s like everybody knows that I’m alone
I feel it in my skin
You know where I have been
There’s no need to cover
It’s time that you …

And then you stop…stop…stop…
Cause you feel
(Did you see how good we’d be)
So alone
(When you open up to me)
Not alone
(Did you see how good we’d be)
Not alone
(When you open up to me)
Not alone

Did you see how good we’d be, when you open up to me
Did you see how good we’d be, when you open up to me
Did you see how good we’d be, when you open up to me
Did you see how good we’d be, when you open up to me

Not alone

very fine too...

was a long time since ASOT 312, my last online community date on di....and so i find on 347 that a few people are gone... so no im here...to stay :grinning::music: