01-07-2007 D@NEE Presents Diving In The Blue 011


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Jun 9, 2006
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01. Robert Lidstroem Presents Terra Cotta - Life (Tragida Remix)
[Daif Records]
02. Pierre Pienaar - Daybreak (Original Mix)
[Nukleuz Records]
03. Dave202 - Rain Against Her (Original Mix)
[Captivating Sounds]
04. Sonic Division & Spychool - Crying Dew (N20 Remix)
[Metallic Recordings]
05. Euphorik Presents Winbreaker - Polaris (Renov8 Remix)
[Abstraction Records]
06. Signum - Push Trough (Manuel Le Saux Just 4 Fun Remix)
[A State Of Trance]
07. Alex M.O.R.P.H & Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary (Mekk Remix)
[High Contrast]
08. John O’Callaghan ft. Bryan Kearny - Pendulum
09. Walt - Bring The Pain (Marcel Woods Remx)
10. Yoji Biomehanika & Romeo - Six Hours (Fred Baker Remix)
[Hellhouse Recordings]
10. Bob Marley Vs Mojado - El Matador is Shining
[D@NEE's "I'm a Rainbow too" Bootleg]

The tracklist will be posted during the set. Comments are always welcome.
I hope you will enjoy the show.
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Its started. With a tiny half hour delay... But who cares. I hope you will enjoy this trance set. And please leave some comments if you like.
yeah. i was full with energy and now here is this 147bpm trance set :)
Yeah! The speed is almost insane but the set is still full of tunes!! Really enjoying this :)
i'm glad you likes the set. it was a big pleasure to make it too.

edit: now we getting a little bi harder.:p
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im here...hello every :*
Man i love this choons so "minimal" keep em comming :)
big thumbs up for this set...:congrats:

love the speed and the energy... totally insane!! :p
and the last one... this bootie was played once before and the coments were positive. so here it is again. I'm a rainbow too :p