01-09-2008 Oliver Carr - The Breakdown 002

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Jul 27, 2007
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Oliver Carr - The Breakdown


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Just wanna say thanks to everyone who tuned into my show last Month I really appreciate all the support, but that was just a warm up. Today i have a rip roar of a set which will keep you bouncing till you sleep tonight. With one exclusive that has not been heard anywhere yet but played live and supported by a couple of big names, which I am looking forward to everyone hearing. I promise its gonna be a gooden, so stay tuned. :-D

Tracklist will be posted during the show, aswell as a direct download link after.
Xinobi - Day Off (Oliver Carr Re-Master bootleg Edit)
Serge Devant - Sweet Harmony (Isha-Ae-Remix)
Phoanjax and Costi Costi - Sensual
M.I.K.E - Hide (Progressive Revisited Mix 2008)
Front - Causing Desire (Oliver Carr Remix)
Darren Tate - Echoes
Oliver Carr - Dreamscape (Original Mix)
aly & Fila - Dynasty
Signum - Any Given Moment
Aerium Pres Avalon 62 Feat Anno - High On Wind High On Waves (Oliver Carr's Higher Tech Remix)
Vengence - Temptation (Denga And Manus Remix)

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wtf 70's music?:blink:

disco sound? LOL:lol:
Wow after vickys banging set its gonna be hard but ill do my best :)
no not 70s music :p
tuned here
First track:
Xinobi - Day Off (Oliver Carr Re-Master bootleg Edit)
Anyone like this edit :-S
Next track is:

Serge Devant - Sweet Harmony (Isha-Ae-Remix)
Anyone like this edit :-S

honestly?...not my kind of sound at all..too popish sounding, thats if you talking about the first track :p :)
hehe fair enough, by the end you wouldnt believe where i end up tho it just builds and builds which is good :-D TUNEEE!!