02-03-2007 Aly & Fila - March 2007 Promo Mix Exclusively On AfterHours.Fm


Oct 6, 2006
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Aly & Fila - March 2007 Promo Mix Exclusively On AfterHours.Fm 22:00 - 23:00 (CET)


01. Menno De Jong Pres. Myth - Sjamaan (Original Mix) {Fundamental Recordings}
02. ID - ID
03. Sonic Division - Painting The Silence (Everwake Remix) {Deep Blue Recordings}
04. Andy Prinz - Quiet Of Mind (Aly & Fila Remix) {Offshore Music}
05. Digital Nature & Manuel Le Saux - Absolute (Original Mix) {Flux Deluxe}
06. ID - ID
07. ID - ID
08. DJ Amadeus VS. Aly & Fila - A Dream Of Peace (Original Miix) {Discover/Offshore Music}
09. Luke Terry Pres. Akemi - When It All Falls Apart (Original Mix) {Inspired CD-R}
10. FKN Feat. Jahala - Why (Aly & Fila Remix) [Deep Blue/Vandit]

Hey AH friends :)

Time for a brand new Aly & Fila set again tonight :) Tonight March Promo Mix ;) Expect some WP's tonight to even it's only a 1 Hour show ;)

So Please tune into AfterHours.Fm 22:00 - 23:00 (CET)

Your will not regret.. What a start this will be on the weekend, and tomorrow Liverpool - Man Utd in Premier League, and Tuesday Liverpool - Barcelona 2nd Leg in Champions League ;) And also other great matches this coming day's :D But those are the 2 importent ones for me. I so deeply hope Liverpool win both of them.. DAMN I love Trance & Fotball :) :) :)

So C'ya all in ca 3 Hours :)

Best & Kindest Regards Espen.
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Wish everyone a great show :itsme:
Cheers, Nico aka. Monkey Bread
Here we gooo :) I don't got any tracklist today, Fila are way to busy making one today.. So I will try complete the tracklist myself :)
01. Myth - Sjamaan (Original Mix) [Fundamental Recordings]

Great tune!
Aly and fila tune? New elements? Kick buildup sounds like theirs..
I remeber hearing this on Future Sound Of Egypt #013.. Sounds like Oceanlab vocals.