02-04-2007 Magik - Lost In Trance 038

Vicky Wood

May 25, 2006
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Featuring productions from Activa, Will B, John O'Bir and more


Tracklist: (Posted during the show)

01. Experiential - Enhanced
02. Duderstadt & Anita Kelsey - Smile (Duende Vocal Mix)
03. Bushi - Blown Away (Original Mix)
04. Emotional Horizons - Autumn (Jon O'Bir Remix)
05. A98 - Binary Star
06. Defiance - Ancient Worlds (Original Mix)
07. Bobina feat. Elles de Graaf - Lighthouse (Sean Tyas Dub)
08. M.I.D.O.R. - Intellectual
09. Will B- Luz De Sol (Octagen Abajo Remix)
10. Activa vs. Tom Colontonio - Enlighten (Original Mix)
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30 mins and counting ;)
hello Vicky !

vey nice flyer, I like it very much! I´ll be here today!:) :love:
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countdown - 14mins plus extra time.

looking forward as usual to a great show.
Thanks guys, following on from a crazy few days with all these In The Mix events!

Hope you enjoy

Ok then off we go on a great trip - always a great trip with Magik
hallo magik and everyone! its the time! yea!:love:
here we go! :)

hello to everyone!:hello:
01. Experiential - Enhanced