02-05-2007 Thusti & Buccaneer Bunch - Essential Things of Live 001

Buccaneer Bunch

Oct 4, 2006
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Essential Things of Live 001 by Thusti & Buccaneer Bunch (02-05-2007)
Finally, our first show! It will be a big one, with one exclusive track.
The genre is trance progressive to progressive itself or more house.

01. Jiva Feat Rula - Timelapse (Thusti & BBunch's Edit) [CDR]:itsme:
02. Andrew K & Simuck - Mar De Oro (V-Sag Remix) [Babylon Records]
03. Antena - Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix) [Permanent Vacation]
04. Peter Gun - Damn Words [Vapour Records]
05. Joost Glazenburg - No Signal (Rein De Vries Sidechained Signal Mix) [Bonzai Trance Progressive]:wow:
06. Alucard Presents The 49th Line - Blue On Blue (Original Dub) [Somatic Sense Future]
07. Jussi Polet - Two Seas Apart [Finity]
08. Kamil Polner Presents Polo - Beginning of Life [Total Digital]
09. Lemon & Einar K - Autumn Radicals [Flashover Recordings]
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It's almost time for the show. Be sure to tune in for a wonderful journey through progressive house and progressive trance!
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thx for listening so far :)
have fun listening to the second half of the show with a slightly different style ;)
sweet and smooth proggy sounds
hey,I read this is your debut show,wish you all the best luck and many more shows coming in future ;)
really nice show thanks very much for playing it ;)
Only heard the last part but it was great; last track was really good aswell. But I didn't expect anything else from the two of you :) :ah: