02-06-2011 Marcus Schössow - Tone Diary 170

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thanks for making me smile

Hi all

Hi Rick

Hi Uncle Bear :)

:friends: so cool ! :grinning:


brace yourself!!!!
:smile: Don't know about ' everyone ' :ee: but I did have a nice & varied day today ! :super:

Cool ive been busy decorating my living room pffff, next bedroom x2, kitchen and stairs
Jochen Miller - Brace Yourself (? remix)

Jochen Miller
Jochen Miller
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Real Name: Jochen van der Steijn

Aliases: Club Crashers, Jochen van der Steijn

Profile: Jochen van der Steijn, born in the Dutch city Mill, started his career by the name DJ Jochen. In 2003 he changed his artistname to Jochen Miller

nice :music:
man i wish jochen was still producin trance bombs like the original of this one
@DJ Alex The Lion

:no: :mask: