02-07-2007 Lazarus Presents Back From The Dead 089


Jul 11, 2006
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Hi folks, well, after an absence of over a year, I'm bringing my old show "Back From The Dead", back to life new to and exclusive here on Afterhours.fm!

You can catch me every first Monday of the month between 8pm and 10pm GMT, warming up for the fabulous Magik :ah:

Hopefully you can join me for the show today, and if you do, I hope you like reaching for the lasers! :)


1. Yans - Outlander
2. Lustral - Because Of You (Magdelayna 'Everlasting' vocal mix)
3. Gabriel Batz - Inner Touch (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun remix)
4. Annie Lennox - The Saddest Song (Manvel remix)
5. Miguel Sassot- Empty (Aly & Fila remix)
6. Ryan - Symphonious (Kamil Polner remix)
7. Temple One - Forever Searching
8. Likuida - Love (Saint Rush remix)
9. Mystery Islands & Harmaala present K:De - 4th Floor (Find Me)
10. Volition - Evolver (Selu Vibra remix)
11. Elude - Pergatory (Ian Betts remix)
12. Alfa - Sacrosanct (Terrafusion remix)
13. Kenny Hayes - Daybreaker (Airbase Elektek remix)
14. Lange vs Gareth Emery - Another You, Another Me (Med Rework)
15. Ace da Brain - Trinity (Hard mix)
16. Oxid Project - Before You Go (Likuida remix)
17. Peaktwins - Dreamer
18. Med - In You
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Laz In the mix @AH :wow: w00t!!

Respect massive

Looking forward to this one :)
We are go for launch!
yessssss ! :super:
Laz Baby !!! w00t!! couldn't miss this show :party:

Respect massive

Since I like to support the amateurs here's another:

Lustral - Because Of You (Magdelayna 'Everlasting' vocal mix)

very very nice :love:
w00t Magdelayna :welcome:
your tracks are always awesome job!
Grrr....rumbled...... :hello:

OK, substitute "amateur" for "upcoming" :lolz:

Still think this is my fave of your tunes by the way :love:

yeah its one of my personal faves of mine aswell - good memories making it at xmas :super:

congrats on this new slot for your show anyway Laz,didnt know you had this one way back when.. :)