04-07-2008 Abstraction Records - Natural Trance with DJ Ira 048 Special Mix

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Abstraction Records pres. Natural Trance

DJ Ira (Ukraine)



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Hi everyone!!!!
Today is't ordinary radioshow! I've decided to write down a series of mixes (Stories Of Summer) to the devoted different cities in which I played or I'll play in this summer!!!
In this mix I have collected all the emotions, impressions of city of people, roads and atmospheres entirely.
Sometimes I do not see city at all... I do't see its sights I do't see streets... But I see people which come on these parties, therefore this series of mixes I've made for these people to tell it: Thanks!!!! Thnx for their smiles, emotions and feelings...
Thanks you...
The first city in this series became the city of Lutsk!!!!:
I was in Lutsk (Луцьк) it was awsome!!!!!
Thak's to you I.R.A.!!!!!!
I like your radio show, specialy few last episodes!!!!!