05-03-2007 Trance Mix Mission 97 with Macarius


Jun 26, 2006
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01 Sonicvibe Pres. Vardran - Lightform
02 Alex Stealthy & D-Fuse - Deploring Everything With You (Soliquid Mash-UP)
03 Santoz - Seagulls
04 Marscruiser - Alone Tonight (Blake Jarrell Mix)
05 Santerna - Alpha
06 Gabriel & Dresden Feat. Jasefos - Arcadia (Macarius' One Kiss Bootleg)
07 Cosmic Gate - Analog Feel (Rank 1 Mix)
08 Nic Chagall - What You Need (NCS In Love With Prog Mix)
09 Adam White - Never Tell What You Think (Sied Van Riel Mix)
10 Natlife - Critical Situation (Miike Kuisma Mix)
11 James Wood Pres. Wandii - Kinetic Caper
12 James Alexander & Peter Gawtry - Lost In You (Miike Kuisma Mix)
13 DJ Fire - Let The Joy Rise
14 Kirsty Hawkshaw - Outsiders (Cosmic Gate Mix)
15 Above & Beyond - Good For Me (Club Mix)

16 Motorcycle - Imagination (Enmass Mix)

17 Beetseekers - Synergy
18 Endless Blue - Salty Waters
19 DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End
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Well I finished work early so that I can get all of this show.
Off we go - on time - cant be bad - great show coming up, I hope
This beat will do for me - great stuff
Your not alone tonight :love:
Yes if they are anything like this show it will be awesome.
Thought there would have been at least a couple of comments
1 hour of great stuff and no comments - I guess the show speaks
for itself - just great
Great set, bud.

[EDIT:] The previous track was phenomenal. I can't wait for the tracklist.
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That was a great show - very enjoyable - glad I heard it all.

great stuff