06-03-2007 Dj Geri - Trance State 006

dj geri

Aug 7, 2006
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today is the sixth edition of trance state radioshow.progressive melodic and uplifting trance!!!!up the tracklist during the sesion!!!and i presents my new track called arawako!!!!:hello: I hope that you like!!!!



I wait for yours review of the set friends :)

DJ Geri Pres. Trance State
First Tuesday of every month

CET 23:00- 01:00


1)Chris Girard -rideau street- (Hugo Gerritse remix)

2)Stel Rekelektrik -she rocks- (G-pal remix)

3)Airbase -rest in the peace-

4)Marek -Me Shali- (original mix)

5)Sonic vibe -lightform- (original mix)

6)Marris -Egarnical-

7)Dave Gahan -Dirty Sticky floors- (Junkie xl vocal remix)

8)Benz and Md -Highroller- (Simon and shaker remix)

9)Albert Vorne -Ares- (mac zimms mix)

10)Air Hustlers feat Collin Riley -Down time- (Kenneth Thomas remix)

11)Enmass Randy Boyer and Kristina sky -LQ- (Randy Boyer and Kristina sky 2007 remix)

12)Brendan la Bonte -blueshift-

13)dj Geri -Arawako- (original mix)

14)P.O.S Mike Koglin -Untitled Audio- (original mix)

15)John O'callaghan -Split decision-

16)Airbase -Medusa- (TRACK OF THE MONTH)

17)Alex M.o.r.p.h and mike koglin -Shift- (original mix)

18)Daniel Kandi -Child- (original mix)

19)Active Sight -times go by- (Fred baker remix)

20)Frank Savio -Central state- (Maori remix)

21)Tom Cloud feat Tiff Lacey -Secretly- (dub mix)
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:hello: hello!!! this is start :ah:
Hehe :)

Xtreme hot current track by the way!
for this exist my space mate
Sick trackchoise! + some points for geri..
jejeje thanks Laan
beautiful Jellifish :love: ,thanks for the listening!!!!
dirty stick floors i love
excellent work - great intro to a brill track
to my personally I like more the vocal version