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06-08-2007 Magik - Lost In Trance 049

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Jul 27, 2007
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Tracklist Posted During The Show

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Tonights show starts off with a production from an up and coming Polish producer P.A.F.F., followed up by my first ever mash-up!

Also in the show are a couple of massive classics from Dumonde & Saltwater! :super:

beautiful and great dj!!! magik attack ;D

Hi Magik i will be there here tonight.
Greeting of france.
are we there yet?.....damn not yet :whistle:
Eheh will tune in in 10 mn :D
Taking the pace down just a lil bit from the great set from Lazarus....but only for a couple of tunes....

First up...01. P.A.F.F. - There Is No Spoon (Original Mix)
eheh tune in !!! Awesome flyer, is it you, magik, on the flyer ? o_O
oh great and glorious magik we are not worthy of your Tunage!!
Inside the speaker (part 1) on the mash up !
Hello peeps :wave: