07-07-2007 Alex D presents In A Trance 008

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After a two-month haitus, In A Trance is finally back and better than ever!

This saturday, at 11 AM EST, the eighth episode of In A Trance will hit the e-waves and I'm very excited to share it with you. I've got a bunch of tracks that everyone should love!

The tracklist will be posted after the show. Hope you guys will tune in!

-= Tracklist =-

1: The Blizzard - Kalopsia (Intro Mix)
2: Emulator vs. Crystal Sun - Inertia (Original Mix)
3: Armin Van Buuren - Rush Hour (No Intro Edit)
4: Late Night Alumni vs. DJ Feel - Empty Streets (DJ Feel Remix)
5: Mike Foyle - Firefly (Original Mix)
6: Kamil Polner & Michelle Richer - Equinox (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
7: Ferry Tayle & Tonks - Vol De Nuit (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
8: Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Sean Tyas Remix)
9: Armin Van Buuren ft. Gabriel & Dresden vs. Coldplay - Fixing Zocalo

(Posted after the show)​
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Only a few hours to go now before the show, sadly I won't be around for it's airing, as I just got in from an 11-hour trip. I hope you all enjoy though and I will post the tracklist shortly afterwards! :D
wow Rush Hour!
thanks for the few comments, I just woke up, was up until 5 or 6 AM, anyway tracklist is up and thanks for tuning in :)!