08-04-2008 Blank & Jones - Monthly Exclusive April

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Some great news from Blank & Jones

for all you djs, fans and freaks, we have great news for you.
6 weeks before the official release of the new single "Miracle Cure"
we decided to let you have the first three mixes exclusive on
BEATPORT.com for your personal pleasure and club play.
the mixes received already heavy support during WMC in miami plus
exclusive radio plays by none other than the world's number 1 dj armin
van buuren. after tiesto, paul van dyk, deep dish, sasha & digweed, pete tong, danny tenaglia you now have the chance to grab the brilliant mixes
exclusive on beatport.

non other than canada's hottest name in electronic dance music glenn
morrison contributed a fantastic remix you shouldn't miss.
the martin roth dub mix is also a sure player for all trance lovers,
but of course blank+jones did their verz own progressive
interpretation for those big room dancefloors.
Long intro, but only kind words :)
Mouse sounding tune :mml:
I dont like the vocals at all:no: but song sounds really good :)
wtf are these vocals!!! :p

Blank & Jones!, the voice of Piet Blank at the beginning!

Laan... I promised to tell that I listened early to trance...

I used to listen to the "EinsLive Partyservice" when I was a kid :)

I'm living not far from the border of our country (NL), so very hazy I could receive Eins Live on 107.9 FM

And there was Piet Blank from 22-24 and 01-02 on saturday to sunday.