09-07-2008 Dave Nadz - Moments of Trance 042

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Jul 27, 2007
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Dave Nadz Presents
Moments Of Trance


Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday Monthly
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Dave Nadz Presents
Moments Of Trance 042

Hi folks, its time again for my M.O.T session ! Ferry Tayles is coming with a brilliant emtional new tune, Fred Baker, Discover recordings boys Inertia & Ron Malakai , an exclusive vocal remix from Dima Krasnik and uprising producer Olmiq with a lovely oldstylish promo !

Live tracklisting during the show :music:

00. Intro
01. Ferry Tayle featuring Stephan R – Duo (Original Mix) BONZAI CD-R
02. Olmiq – Semtex (Original Mix) BONZAI CD-R
03. Galen Behr & Sun Decade - Carabella is Alone (Mike Wind meets Orjan Bootleg) CD-R 04. Ehren Stowers – Icarus (Original Mix) PERCEPTIVE
05. Inertia – The System (Original Mix) DISCOVER CD-R
06. Ron Malakai – Memorable Touch (Original Mix) CHERY ON TOP
07. ID- ID (Dima Krasnik remix) EXCLUSIVE !!
08. Paul Miller - 3urMind (Original Mix) DISCOVER DIGITAL
09. Fred Baker vs The Keyboard Kids - All Of Us (Fred Baker mix) BEAT THIS​
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Listening :mml:
700 sweet , lets partying and enjoy the show my freinds !!! :super:
* Dave Nadz presents Moments Of Trance 042 on AH.FM ~ Now Listening: 686 *

700 sweet , lets partying and enjoy the show my friends !!! :super:

:music: can't get enough of listening to Trance - what's happening with me ? :confused: :lol:

Amazing. I did 3 projects for work today. Must be a record. :lolz: :cat:
Yep really looking forward to that.

I'm alone! I'm alone! Solid remix, very trancy - I love classics. Sing along everyone ;)