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10-08-2008 Supermassive - Musik Garden August 2008

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Jul 27, 2007
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Supermassive - Musik Garden


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Hello my friends!

Welcome to another episode of Musik Garden! In the next hour we'll listen the last great productions of progressive, trance and techno.

Hope you all have a good stay.

PS. Trying to recover from yestarday night. I went to Pacha to see Menno De Jong. GREAT NIGHT!
hi all :wave: :mml:
To open, a great deep track from the Moonbeam guys.

1. Moonbeam and Tyler Michaud feat Fisher – Love Never Dies (Dub)
I'm here too:grinning:
When I think in dark progressive sounds I think in Simon & Shaker.

2. Outsiders – Hallowed (Simon and Shaker Remix)
More fine choonage here:super:
Let's start to warm up this. No one better than Ali Wilson to do so.

3. Ali Wilson – Shakedown (Original Mix)