14-01-2008 Plasmatic Sessions 45 with Lazarus

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Whoop :super:

yay :clap:

will be listening in :)
will attempt to listen, if i can meet the time difference! :grinning:
not long!

- by the way laz, checked out some of your pics, great stuff! :grinning:
1. Scott Project - O (Meds 'Symphonie Du Jour Un' Opener)
nice start... very nice melodic tuuuune... :grinning:
OMG, what a beautiful track this is.... .:grinning: :dancing:
and a banging track has come....... :dancing: :dancing:
now this is the kind of trance that i like... lazarus, you da man...... :grinning:
1. Scott Project - O (Meds 'Symphonie Du Jour Un' Opener)
2. Ferdy & Matt van Wyk - I Feel So Lonely [Soundpiercing]