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14-07-2008 From The Outside 018 Laan & Jddavid86

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Jul 27, 2007
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Afterhours.FM Presents
FTO From the Outside

2nd Monday Monthly only @ Afterhours.fm
15:00 - 17:00 EST
20:00 - 22:00 GMT
21:00 - 23:00 CET

2 Special selected Guest Mixes!!

Please feel free to comment on the show.
Don't forget to VOTE

Did you miss the show?
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01 evgeny bardyuzha - Braindamaged (santiago Nino remix)
02 orlie and martie - white flower jerome isla ae remix)
03 nifra - ready
04 f-dive - random girl (jerome isma ae remix)
05 the last atlant - a priori (eelke kleijn remix)
06 matt darey & urban astronauts - this way feat bonse simon (simon and shaker remix)
07 matt cerf & evelio feat. Jaren - walk away
08 allure ft. christian burns - power of you
09 airbase feat. floria ambra - denial
10 majai - phoria (elevation remix)

01 Activa - End Of Summer (Original Mix)
02 Stoneface and terminal - Another day (original mix)
03 Fast distance - Heavens melody(haris c remix)
04 Estigma and angel ace - The fallen (club mix)
05 David newsum - Sand dune(original mix)
06 David Arkanne - Stellar movement(original mix)(my track)
07 Pierre pienaar - this is where we are (original mix)
08 AB Project - Another Time (Icone Remix).......last track
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Bugger .... :cry: I have to go out with friends tonite .... I wanted to be here and listen to this set.... :(

I hope I' ll catch the replay which I would like it to be tomorrow morning some time, so I can tune in from work where is the only place I m sure I will be tomorrow for 8 hours :mask::lol:

Save a dance for me :mml: and enjoy :grinning:
Kisses :love:
nice coments from all,thanks:hug:
:hug:can't wait for your set! woot!:super:
yeahhh it's the first time that i hear to Laan & David on the desks :w00t:

and i must say...Laan...I like this one :super: :super: