15-03-2007 Twister presents TRANSMIGRATION 003


Nov 19, 2006
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15-03-2007 Twister presents TRANSMIGRATION 003 with SHY BEE guestmix


Welcome to TRANSMIGRAITON 003 with Twister and him guest - Shy Bee

(posted after show)
Twister (www.twister.dj.ftb.pl www.myspace.com/vojtvantwistigen)[15:00-16:00]:
01. Jonas Steur feat. Jeniffer Rene - Falling Into Pieces (Orginal mix) [Blackhole]
02. Cerf and Mitiska and Jaren - Light The Skies (Retrobyte remix) [Armind]
03. ATB with Heather Nova - Renegade (Ronski Speed mix) [Kontor]
04. JEWEL OF THE MONTH: Tiesto - Elements of Life [Magik Muzik]
05. Judge Jules - Without Love (Signalrunners Remix) [Maelstorm]
06. Airbase - Garden State [CD-R]
07. Jamaster A - Bels of Tianamnen (Airbase remix) [Liquid]
08. Ton TB - Evolve As One (LA mix) [CD-R]
09. Re:Locate vs. Steur - Nasty (Orginal mix) [FBI]
10. First State - First State (Twister evergreen rework) [CD-R]

Shy Bee (www.shy-bee.dj.ftb.pl www.myspace.com/shybeedj)[16:00-17:00]:

01. Judge Jules - Without Love (Signalrunners Dub)
02. Cold Blue & Del Mar - 11Days
03. Activa - Genetic
04. Emotional Horizons -Autumn (Jon O'bir remix)
05. Cartel - ID
06. JPL - Your Whole Life (carl B remix)
07. Activa vs Tom Colontonio - Enlighten (Lawrence Palmer remix)
08. Airbase - Medusa
09. 8 Wonders - The Morning After (Octagen's Night Before mix)
10. Visior and Dark Moon - Beautiful People (Stoneface & Terminal remix)
11. Shy-Bee & Paul Allen - Shipyard (Orginal mix)

More about Twister you can read this: www.myspace.com/vojtvantwistigen

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Feel Free and Enjoy to audition:)

set's will be massssssssive ;)
only 10 minutes wait and the show starts !! GET READY :)
Nice start! I have to go off :(
:argh: I keep struggling around tons of paperwork...
but I am tuned in and enjoying the show,finest tunes here:smile:
ciao ciao
Ok, this is second hour, new talented dj -- SHY BEE :) Get ready :)
yeah :) he is good Dj and PRODUCER:) he is collaborating with Mr.Sam :)
Ok thanks for tunning in

I LOVE AFTERHOURS :) C ya soon :) You are the best :D
both sets look pretty nice, unfortunately i wasn't here when they aired :(