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16-03-2007 - Abstraction Records pres. Natural Trance vol. 016 - Affective Guestmix


Oct 26, 2006
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16-03-2007 - Abstraction Records pres. Natural Trance vol. 017 - Affective Guestmix

This will be the topic for tonight's show. We will be featuring a guestmix from Affective, a Russian producer and resident of Tranceport Recordings.

Please comment on this mix here or log on to Tranceport Recordings to find out more about this label and Affective, or Abstraction Records to discuss this mix.

We hope you enjoy the show!
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wow this sounds great,I am tuned in :biggrin:
what a song!! Clear Blue Water - OceanLab:love:
Here is the tracklist :)

1) Affective - Stella
2) Affective - Monday
3) Lost Tribe - GameMaster (Sensorica remix)
4) ATB ft Heather Nova - Renegade (Ronski Speed remix)
5) Affective - ID
6) Sound Fiction - Ft. Kate Cameron - Alive (Mike Shiver Catching Sun Mix)
7) ID - ID
8) Kyau and Albert - Are You Fine (Vardran Vocal Mix)
9) OceanLab - Clear Blue Water (Above & Beyond Progressive mix)
10) Airbase - Escape
thanks for playing,has been pretty enjoyable show :smile: