16-05-2007 AuraSF Progressive Experience with Ricky Stone, Nicholas Bennison and Andrew Bennett


Oct 19, 2006
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Be sure to tune in to AuraSF’s Progressive Experience on May 16th from:

11p-1a GMT | Midnight – 2am CET | 3p-5p PST | 6p-8p EST


This month, we have mixes from Ricky Stone and Nicholas Bennison. Both accomplished DJs originating from the UK. Ricky now makes his homebase in the pulsating city of Hong Kong while Nicholas makes his home in Los Angeles here in the USA.
We will also be playing an exclusive new track from Andrew Bennett titled Menar
Tune in to hear the amazing mixes and exclusive new track!!!!!!!!!

Ricky Stone

Nicholas Bennison

Andrew Bennett


FYI - Our show will be online later today and the first hour and 15 mins will feature Nicholas Bennison, then we will have the Exclusive Track from Andew Bennett, "Menar" to follow and a closeout of the show from Ricky Stone.

We have some videos up of the DJs in action on the AuraSF website if you guys want to get some of your music fix before the show. Enjoy!
Tuned iN

heLLo Ricky Stone Nicholas Bennison and Andrew Bennett
So first hour and 15 mins will be Nicholas Bennison, then we will present to you Andrew Bennett's Exclusive New Track Menar and to close out the show will be Ricky Stone.
FYI - Nicholas Bennison works on a lot of projects with Christopher Lawrence and he just helped do some remix on a John '00' Fleming Track so that's kinda where his music influences lie just in case some of you have not heard of him.
Here we go. This is what Nicholas got me:

1. Astrix vs Sub 6 – Control Me
2. Christopher Lawrence & John 00 Fleming - Beyond The Limit (Nicholas
Bennison Remix)
3. Xerox & Illumination – High Fever
4. ID
5. Xerox & Illumination - Turbulence
6. Moonrush – The Freeze
7. San – Dreamwaver
8. ?? - ??
9. Elec3 – No Time To Chill
10. Simon Patterson - Strip Search
11. Dusterix - Dusted (Sean Tyas Mix)
12. Lee Haslam - Kinetic
13. Zero Divide - Sobe Girl
14. John 00 Fleming - Rasa Lila (John C mix)
15. Precursor – Canis Major (Leon Bolier Alternative Mix)