17-03-2011 Markus Schulz presents Global DJ Broadcast with Jochen Miller's Guest Mix

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Show Times:
UK: 19:00 - 21:00
CET: 20:00 - 22:00
EST: 14:00 - 16:00
PST: 11:00 - 13:00

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Markus Schulz presents GDJB with Jochen Miller on AH.FM 17-03-2011.mp3
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17-03-2011 Markus Schulz presents GDJB :book:

Markus Schulz

01. Erick Strong - Orchids
02. Kyau & Albert - On the Way
03. Ashley Wallbridge - Moonlight Sonata
04. DJ Feel featuring Ale Haze - The First Kiss (Solar Sequence Remix)
05. Temple One - Zebra (Nuera Remix)
06. Clashback - Outset (Michael Woods Remix)
07. Terrace Baziz & Maim Yoline - Moon City
08. Artento Divini featuring Cornelis van Dijk - My Sanctuary (Vocal Mix)
09. Armin van Buuren Presents Gaia - Status Excessu D
10. Markus Schulz - Alpha State (Mike Foyle Remix) [Global Selection]

Jochen Miller

01. Michael Woods - First Aid
02. Alex O'Rion - Who I Am Today
03. Jochen Miller - U & Eye
04. Cliff Coenraad - Oh!Mega
05. John O'Callaghan vs. Timmy & Tommy - Talk to Me
06. Artento Divini featuring Cornelis van Dijk - My Sanctuary (Shy Brothers Remix)
07. Solesystem - ID

Markus Schulz (World Tour Tokyo Flashback in Aid of Japan Tsunami Relief Fund)

11. Coldplay - Life in Technicolor (Markus Schulz Intro Mix)
12. Majai - Phoria (Elevation Big Room Remix)
13. Timmy & Tommy - Full Tiltin (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
14. Hammer & Herbick featuring Boytronic - You (Dyor Big Room Remix)
15. Arnej - The Ones That Get Away
15. (Minimal Drum Dub / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
16. Sia - Buttons (Markus Schulz Return to Coldharbour Dub)
17. Markus Schulz - The New World

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Appeal
Please make a donation to help the people of Japan during this incredibly difficult time by visiting:
American Red Cross or UNICEF - UNICEF Home

Jochen Miller
Jochen Miller
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Jochen van der Steijn

Aliases: Club Crashers, Jochen van der Steijn

Profile: Jochen van der Steijn, born in the Dutch city Mill, started his career by the name DJ Jochen. In 2003 he changed his artistname to Jochen Miller

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:cap: By (unwanted) exception, tonight I can't join the Forum during the broadcast of this episode of GDJB. There's a chance I can re-enter the Forum during the 2nd hour, but the first hour I won't be here :(

As so often, the link to the default tracklist is behind the smiley : :book:

:mml: :bravo: :megacrazy: Have fun guys and see you later ! :wave:

me already voted guys:megacrazy:because I listened to it on DI :super:massive:love::wub:
armin :-/
should I post the whole TL ?:dontknow::hmmm:
why nobody's here now? Every Markus' broadcast is full of fans and today? nothing :-/ weird :unsure: