17-07-2008 DJ Revel - Revel's Radio Show 104

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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DJ Revel pres. Revel's Radio Show


Every Thursday you will hear the best Progressive & Trance tunes at the moment. Mixed & Recorded LIVE by DJ Revel. Be sure to tune in... I'm sure it's worth it... All tracklists & mixes for DL @ www.djrevel.net...

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It has started! :choon: Your loving arms:wub:

Your loving arms!!!
Nice tracks!!!:mml::mml:
Sounds like some remix of Alive Stone - Light Trip...:music:
Me loves unknown stuff :wub: Like some of these tunes :dancing:
Activa - End of Summer???:music:
Carl B - Life Can Wait:choon::super:
:super:,,,,,:wave: HELLO...DJ.REVEL.... nice set voted massive.....:hug:,.,.,I LOVE THIS TUNE :choonalert:
>>> DJ Revel pres. Revels Radio Show 104
>>> 17 July 2008

01. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Ja Sunrise Mix) [EGO]
02. Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Markus Schossow Remix) [CombinedForces]
03. Alive Stone - Light Trip (Den Rize Remix) [Abora]
04. The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher - The Last Time (Club Mix) [Adjusted]
05. Tritonal - Essence Of Kea (Original Mix) [Levare/Flashover]
06. Digital Nature - Oasis (Activa's Revision Mix) [FluxDelux]
07. Activa - End Of Summer (Club Mix 2) [Discover]
08. Carl B - Life Can Wait (Original Mix) [ITWT]
09. Paul Trainer - Totality (Original Mix) [VaditDigital]
10. James Best - Contact (Original Mix) [Infexious]
>>> Mixed Live using Vinyl & CD >>> 61:00

Sorry for this late TL but I am on holidays :) living in a tent... so I have nearly no chance to get to the internet :)