18-06-2007 Volt Presents Voltography - The Current Sound 004


Nov 25, 2006
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Hello everyone, here we are with another session of Voltography - The Current Sound ;) I wanted to thank you for your very nice feedback last session, I was very happy u enjoyed it, hope u will enjoy this one as well ;) i also wanted to share with you all my happiness, the last period has been a very good one for me :) my first EP was released at RealMusic and it got very nice feedback and support, also my track "No Limits" will be released on the next Mellomania Compilation, which will be released very soon, the 22nd of June ;) Thats my first track to be included in a compilation so it is very special to me ;) I wanted to thank you all for your support, and I will try to always deliver for you the best ;) Also thanks for afterhours for giving me the opportunity to have a show here ..! Anyway, hope u will enjoy this session which will have the newest and best trance tracks at the moments ;) hehe
See you all during the show

Voltography - The Current Sound 004

1- Tasadi & Storyteller - Saturn
2 - Romi – Blue planet (Original Mix)
3 - Hi-Jackers Space – I can feel (Volt Remix)
4 - GDream – Modularity 2007 (Karybde & Scylla Remix)
5 - Paul Miller & Solar Energy – Nu Side (Elitist Remix)
6 - Serenade - Serenade 2007 (Angel Ace JS Mix)
7 - Ferry Tayle & TonKs - Vol De Nuit (Manuel Le Saux Remix)
8 - Lost Witness VS Sassot – Whatever (Aly & Fila Remix)
9 - ID - ID
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Hello Laan and Dave..! Hope ull enjoy the show ;)
Wonderful track by ROMi here mate :)

02. ROMi – Blue Planet (Original Mix)
Yea very nice music from Romi..Very talented artist
yuhu yuhu!! tuned in! do I come later?
and now my newest remix
Hi-Jackers Space – I can feel (Volt Remix)
hope u will like