18-07-2007 AuraSF Progressive Experience 09 w/ Kristina Sky & Bush II Bush


Oct 19, 2006
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Be sure to tune in to AuraSF’s Progressive Experience on July 18th from:

11p-1a GMT | Midnight – 2am CET | 3p-5p PST | 6p-8p EST


Our guests this month are: Kristina Sky and Bush II Bush

Kristina Sky is based out of Los Angeles and is one of the fastest rising female DJs in the world. Loving the music, she started out throwing parties but in 2002, her DJ career finally started. She's held residencies for Club Heaven, Spundae and even has her own radio show, "Kristina Sky presents... Trancelate". In 2006, her career really took off as she played at one of North America's largest Music Festivals, Coachella.

Bush II Bush are Andry Nalin and Gregor Wagner. The Duo is based out of Germany and are both resident DJs in the internationally renowned club Tribehouse, awarded the Best Club of Germany. Not only talented DJs, their productions are amazing fusions of musical art and are released on Satoshi Tomiie`s legendary New Yorkean label SAW.

Kristina Sky

Bush II Bush


I'm always happy to see someone new join us here at AfterHours. Welcome aboard Braincreator. This is going to be the best internet radio you've ever heard. Many Quality Shows 7 days a Week!
its good so far :)
i think the show needs to be normalized.. kinda low on my volume.. anyone else have that problem?

might be my speakers
Hehe nice to hear that :D

Progressive Experience and it's so uplifting :D expecting something else.. but you know, i like uplift more :)

@ Dan, everything is really ok. trust me ;)
Yeps, our first guest is based out of Los Angeles, CA. Kristina Sky played this set at a party called "Fresh Anniversary Party" a couple months ago..
1-Markus Schulz vs Chakra - I Am (Andrew Bennets other side mix)
2-Daniel Kandi - Breathe
3-Dave 202 - Torrent

It's ok????
I'll post the Full Track Listing at the end of the show.

That is unless you guys all vote to see it now. Then I can give it to you first. But I know a lot of people like to guess. That's part of the Fun.... :)