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18-12-2007 D@nee - Diving In The Blue 016

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Jul 27, 2007
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Presents Diving In The Blue


Every 3rd Tuesday Of The Month
EST: 10:00 - 11:00
GMT: 15:00 - 16:00
CET: 16:00 - 17:00

Please feel free to comment on the show.

Did you miss the show?
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01.Motocraft - When Time Will Come (DJ Tiesto Remix)
[Spot On Records]
02.Miikka Leinonen - Forza
[Five Am Vibe]
03.Tim Preijers - Glazed Eyes (Sequentia Remix)
[Enhanced Limited]
04.Coast 2 Coast Ft Le Sal & Phoenix - Cut Me (Activa Remix)
05.Thomas Datt - 2v2 (Sean Tyas Unabridged Remix)
06.Luke Warner & Mat Lock - Deep Psychosis (Daniel Kandi's Cure Mix)
07.John Wright - Helix (Icone Remix)
[Total Digital Recordings]
08.Fragma - Deeper (Duderstadt Uplifting Vocal Mix)
[L0:G0 Recordings]
09.Mark Pledger Vs Super8 & Tab - Worldwide
10.Simon Patterson - Bulldozer
[Reset Records]
11.Terry Ferminal - Deep Inside
[High Contrast]

The tracklist will be posted during the set. Comments are always welcome.
I hope you will enjoy the show.
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tuned in :mml:
hello addicts :hug:
got to love the harder stuff :super: :super:
Hey! Everyone:hug: a little late not used to these early shows:blush:
Hey! Everyone:hug: a little late not used to these early shows:blush:

Hey,Mate...you get used....:grinning::grinning:
Better starting early...so there can fit more shows per day...:loveah: