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2 Free Magdelayna Tracks (Production + a Remix)


Moments of Energy
Apr 3, 2007
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Hi guys,another little track giveaway here,probably my last for a while as im concentrating on a new artist album - these are two tunes i made last year,both are full 320 Kbps versions - any comments/feedback are welcome. :)


Magdelayna - Glisten (Original Mix)

LINK >> Glisten.mp3

An uplifting production i made last september,the track is dedicated to my Grandma who passed away while i was making this,so it was quite an emotional time..some parts are reflected in the track i think.


Med vs Neil Bamford - One (Magdelayna Remix)

LINK >> One (Magdelayna Remix).mp3

This remix is now over a year old,ive only just sought permission to share it hehe,Chris & Neil did a great job with the original melodies and this is my take in an uplifting version.

Cheers,Adam :D
Thanks Adam! I love your tracks! Good luck on your album.
oh wow omg thanks :) :super::super:

amazing tracks! both are surely worth of listening :super:
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wow free!! i like free! now that i got paid i get something free. blah. lol.

downloading now. :)
Glisten is very..very..very...VERY nice..Job amazingly well done..