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20-02-2008 dfx - excitation 017 - Ray McPhoney Guestmix

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Jul 27, 2007
Reaction score
dfx Presents excitation
10:00 - 12:00 EST
15:00 - 17:00 GMT
16:00 - 18:00 CET



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Ray McPhoney tracklist:

01.Patrick Zigon - Mental Draining (Alessandro Crimi Remix) [PUZZLE TRAXX PROMO]
02.Nick Orisun - This is our time (Original) [NOSMOKING PROMO]
03.Erick Ramirez - Waiting for you (Masque) [BALKAN CONNECTION]
04.Paul Thomas & Myke Smith - The Grudge (Fine Taste Rmx) [BAROUQE LTD PROMO]
05.Red Robin & Jakob Hilden - Snapdragon [TRAPEZ LTD]
06.Velkro & Ido Ophir - Warehouse [SPROUT]
07.Funabashi Feat. Angelina - The Shelter [SUPRA PROMO]
08.Federico Epis - Mare (Anthony Pappa Remix) [UNRELEASED]
09.Dousk - Pelican [UNRELEASED]
10.Vito - Mental Eternity [UNRELEASED]

dfx tracklist:

01. Jaytech - Pepe's Garden
02. Soliquid - Leave Me Alone
03. Milan Lieskovsky - Elenya
04. Front - Cosmic Spring (Original Aurora Remix)
05. Brisky - First Light (Activa Remix)
06. Enyo Giove - Sky High Elation
07. First Ascent - Sagarmatha (Remix)
08. Jay Selway - Left Deaf (Prosper Remix)
09. Marninx - Aire Azul
10. Beliar vs. Tempest - Club Liquid Theme
11. Der Mystik & Mark Ottiz pres. El Cartel - Pereira (Tenthu Remix)
12. Eddie Sender - Origin
13. Paul Miller pres. Contraption - Eve Gaze
14. Activa - Flashpoint
15. Ronski Speed pres. RST - Stormbound
16. Kamil Polner - Inscape
17. Filo & Peri - Juicy
18. Airbase - Garden State
19. Paul Miller - Crystal Source
20. Denga & Manus - Darkness (Vengeance Mix)
21. SQ - Opus 9
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This month featuring an exclusive guestmix by Vienna based DJ and producer Ray McPhoney!

Expect some highly progressive and deep sounds from him!


Ray McPhoney has Dance Music in his blood from the day he was born.
At the tender age of 9 he sales Mixtapes at School.Even as a Teenager he was showing huge Interest for Hip-Hop and Breakdance,he started to hang out with the Guys from the Group called "Dynamic Skills" and learn his first Breakdance Steps.

In 1997 he is getting interest for Electronic Music.He began to play Pumping-Tech-House,but during the next two years his Style change to Progressive-House.

Moreover,he spending a lot of time and Money in getting New Records so we can say him to be areal Vinyl-Freak!Exellent mixing and a good taste for Music are the Reasons that Ray McPhoney is one of the Finest DJ's in Vienna.

The List of Party's where Ray is playing is long and contains all the Importent Names of Vienna's Progressive Movement:
Psychic-Reaction, Departure, Green Open Air Festival, Amnesia, Flex, Wuk, Sub-Zero, U4, Volksgarten, P1 etc.
In 2005 Ray is starting as a Producer...Nowadays his Tracks are played by SANDER KLEINENBERG, DJ TARKAN, PAOLO MOJO, ...

played @

SUB ZERO (Vienna,Austria)
WUK (Vienna,Austria)
FLEX (Vienna,Austria)
CAMERA (Vienna,Austria)
VOLKSGARTEN (Vienna,Austria)
MARX PALAST (Vienna,Austria)
PORGY & PESS (Vienna,Austria)
AREA 51 (Vienna,Austria)
TRIBÜNE KRIEAU (Vienna,Austria)
MASSIV (Vienna,Austria)
U4 (Vienna,Austria)
P1 (Vienna,Austria)
PASHA (Vienna,Austria)
MIRAGE (Vienna,Austria)
RAMIEN (Vienna,Austria)
FLORIDO BEACH (Vienna,Austria)
MUTE (Vienna,Austria)
PROGRESSIVE CLUB (Himberg,Austria)
DOKK (Budapest,Hungary)
BLACK MAGIC (Balatonmariafürdö,Hungary)
DTD (Kiskunhalas,Hungary)
INSIDE (Budapest,Hungary)
BIG SHOTS (Siofok,Hungary)
LUCKY STRIKE (Ajka,Hungary)
ÖREGHEGY (Öreghegy,Hungary)
COLUMBUS (Balatonfüred,Hungary)
TRENDER (Balatonlelle,Hungary)
TOPARTI (Balatonszarszo,Hungary)
PHÖNIX (Balatonszarszo,Hungary)
INSIDE (Keszthely,Hungary)
And many many Afterhours :)

MySpace.com - Ray McPhoney - Vienna, AT - Progressive / House / Trance - www.myspace.com/raymcphoney2
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and where is your myspace dfx?? :p:p:p :lol::lol: :hug:

needs to be born yet :)

and btw, since this was part of my yesterday's birthday mixing session, there will also be an extended (2-hour) version of my show... either for download, or maybe on AH later on, we'll see :)
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needs to be born yet :)

and btw, since this was part of my yesterday's birthday mixing session, there will also be an extended (2-hour) version of my show... either for download, or maybe on AH later on, we'll see :)

Nice way to celebrate....:grinning::grinning::music:
Genius progressive in the house!
Hello Sypher!! Hi all you here xD

:mml: :mml: :mml:
a big hi to c00l.d00d, Sypher, dfx, piccoli and jellybelly. Oh I received your sms dfx :)