20-05-2007 Ilya Malyuev pres Baltic Sessions 012 incl Introvert guestmix


Aug 2, 2006
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This Sunday, 20 of May tune in Afterhours FM (www.ah.fm) to listen 12th episode of Baltic Sessions radioshow
The first hour will be guestmix from Finnish producer and dj, author of very unusual, beautiful and interesting tracks - Introvert!

The second hour will be prog mix from me, as always (i apologize for 2 guestmixes in previous show, but i hope you found these mixes interesting)

So, tune in Afterhours.FM 20 of May, 13:00 - 15:00 EST; 19:00-21:00 CET; and 21:00-23:00 Moscow time.
ILYA !!! i can't wait mate, this will be a awesome show like last one. I really Enjoyed your 1 year show. Keep up the good work. :loveah:
it's on air now :biggrin:
Introvert made more experimental mix than i expected :)
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i think that first hour of this show will be most minimalistic set in my show ever :)
the 2nd hour will be chilled prog set from me
wooha I feel floating like a feather,,,, beautiful chill-proggy sounds!
Introvert's set was certainly different. I don't mind minimal but usually only in small doses. I quite enjoyed the first 30 mins of his set though, the basslines were building up nicely.

This is more like it though! The trademark Baltic Sound :) Feel that warmth....
Part 1 - guestmix by Introvert

01 Eftedim - Knocking At The Grand [Dial]
02 Juho Kahilainen - Sleeping With The Lizards [Bpitch Control]
03 Stephan Bodzin - Fahrenheit [Herzblut]
04 Mia - Wild Ponys [Substatic]
05 Extrawelt - Doch Doch (Moonbeam remix) [Traum]
06 Stephan Bodzin - Leuchtraft [Herzblut]
07 Karmina - Wonder 21 (Mathew Jonsons "21 Roses" mix) [Opossum]
08 Minilogue - Elephant's Parade [Wagon Repair]
09 Artificial Latvamäki - Tämä Tuli Järvestä [Cocoon]
10 Introvert - The Rock Of A Goose [Unsigned]
11 Differnet - Caring Arms (Jesse Somfay remix) [Kupei Musika]

Part 2

01 Geiger - Good Evening (Supermayer mix) [Firm]
02 Blue Haze - Amber Glow [SAW recordings]
03 Subsky - Alien On Earth (first day) [Deep Focus]
04 id
05 Espen & Elusive - Internet Hugs [Lost Language]
06 Ave Mea - In The End (original mix) [Coldharbour]
07 HKN feat Sasja - Emerald Mine (Ilya Malyuev 'Ice Cream And Emeralds' remix) [Real Deep]
08 16 Bit Lolitas - Neptune [Audio Therapy]
09 Paul Kiernan - Hyper (Coalesced's Back From The Brink Mix) [Composure]