20-10-2007 Vision84 - Sound Therapy 021 with Silvio de Vega

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:choon: :choon: :choon: Nooooooow!!!
Amurai VS. Static Blue - After The Sunrise (Alex MORPH b2b Woody Van Eyden Full On Remix)
Where is everybody?? :hmmm:
I'm super swell, how are you? This is a good set, as I'm sure Robbie's was before.

Did you do anything exciting yet this weekend?

It sure was :)
Nothing exciting really, a trip to the stables, some horseback riding, and now I´m home alone bored to death almost :lol:
Listeing to AH makes my saturday evening :loveah:
How about you?

I bought a microwave oven! I'm stoked, let me tell you. Now all I need to do is to order some pizza so that I can test it.

Other than that, I have done nothing more exciting than consume some food, use up oxygen and recycle some water.