2006|07|19 ConFig Presents Retrovisions


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Jun 23, 2006
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2006|07|19 ConFig Presents Retrovisions 01


Welcome to my First episode of Retrovisions :)
The show will be every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month:
9pm - 10pm CET
8pm - 9pm GMT
3pm - 4pm EST

The first episode will reflect the music i'm into the most now: which is chilly, summerish laidback music :) Off course i'll close the mix with some Bangers..
Every week there will be featured a classic and a forgotten oldie. Most shows will contain mixes of Old and new tracks.
Hope you'll like it :)

(btw: there's a chance i'll open a poll in which you can vote your favourite tracks.. just for knowing which tracks you loved the most and which tracks are allowed to return in later episodes ;) )

I'll tracklist this show live :)


1. Mara - Turning It On (Low End Specialists 'For The Girls' Remix)(ConFig's For The Emo's Intro Edit)
2. Subsky & Muzo - Let It Flow
3. Digitalism - Zdarlight (Original Mix)
4. Micah - Cry Me A River (Original Mix)
5. Madoka - Distant Memories (Mathew Dekay Remix)
6. Reflekt feat Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved (12" Inch Mix)
7. Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (Original Mix) [Classic Of The Week]
8. Adam Nickey - Forgotten Island
9. John O'Bir & Gareth Emery - No Way Back (Original Mix)
10. Jonas Steur - Castamara

Download Retrovisions 01 here

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this tune is absolutely massive.....wooooooow,love it<3

easier to update your own thread first one and paste it in :)