2006|07|28 Mike Noir Pres. Wave Of Sound 007


Jun 4, 2006
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The Show will be broadcasted on Friday at 8 PM - 9 PM (CET)

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The Tracklist will be posted during the set.


01. Ian Holing - Blue Wave (Original Mix) [CDR]
02. Dusterix - Dusted (Sean Tyas Remix) [JOYRIDE] [Tune Of The Week]
03. Jon O'Bir - Ascendancy (Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Woody Van Eyden Remix) [CONSPIRACY]
04. John O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly (Original Mix) [DISCOVER]
05. Filterheadz - Yimanya (Arnold's Energy Remake) [CDR] [Classic Of The Week]
06. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Sonicvibe Presents Vardran Bootleg Mix) [CDR]
07. Sean Tyas - Lift (Sean Tyas Rework) [DISCOVER]
08. Leon Bolier feat Elsa Hill - Clear (original mix) [CDR]
09. Divini And Warning - 4lb [RESET]
10. Re:Locate - Samburu (Album Edit) [GALACTIVE]

Make sure to tune in this week, as well I'm w8ing for the comments to make this show even better:p

Some time ago I have provided something new like Classic Of The Week and Tune Of The Week (of course in my opinion;P from 2005 and older) if someone want to help with chosing next COTW or TOTW send me pm and I will consider it.

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Me too if im home from work in time ;)
tuned in d(^_^)b
new "flyer" and banner rox
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woohoo hello all ;P

np: _misiek in da jd's b-day mix .. ;P hehe nice mike, so far

cotw in the background \o/
thx thx :D i hope the rest of tunes will u like as well :D still few to come :D