2006|08|07 Trance Mix Mission 70 with Macarius & Mark Eteson


Jun 26, 2006
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:D Trance Mix Mission 70.06 :D

Enjoy some great tunes with Macarius & Mark Eteson, Monday August 7th 2006!!

Show starts from 12:00 pm EST
To see when the show starts where you live, click here!

Official Track List Will Be Posted After

Macarius & Mark Eteson - Trance Mix Mission 70.06


Macarius In The Mix
Recorded Live From Touch Lounge Toronto, Canada

01 Above & Beyond vs Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Life Down (Macarius Intro Bootleg)

02 Joonas Hahmo - The Fusion

03 Yellow Blackbird - Superfly (Andy Moor Mix)
04 Emphased Reality Feat. OPN - Other Worlds
05 Dj Fire - The Closest Thing To Heaven
06 Matias Lehtola Feat. Gina G - Burning Bright (Funabashi Remix)
07 Hammer & Funabashi Feat Andgie Hedman - Moments
08 Adam White & Andy Moor Pres. Whiteroom - The Whiteroom
09 Super8 + DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin'

Mark Eteson Guest Mix

01 Giuseppe Ottaviani & Marc van Linden – Until Monday
02 Nu NRG – Komosy
03 Jon O’Bir – Ascendancy (Alex MORPH vs Woody van Eyden Mix)
04 Planet Funk – Chase the Sun (Vardran Bootleg)
05 Mikka Leinonen pres. Denver – End of Days
06 Nu NRG –Last Experience (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix)
07 JPM – Help Me (Marcos Mix)
08 Brisky – First Light (Mike Shiver Dub)
09 Mark Eteson & Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability (Frase Rework)
10 Chocolate Puma – Always and Forever (Bart Claessen Mix)
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Sorry its on now! I forgot to open it in IE and add your set in.
had little problem but resolved now...
nice set i think this is the best one you made :)
\o/ \o/ Love Bart Claessen, his remix of Always and Forever is genius \o/
thanks all, will be back with a new epsiode sept 6th. Trance Mix Mission will be in RE-PLAY mode the rest of the summer. Check myspace.com/macarius1 to see the schedule.