2006|08|20 PROgressive FORce 003 "Rescheduled Show"


May 31, 2006
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Well the show did not go off this week as planned, so I will be trying to find a new time slot. Sorry about all this.

Tracklist that "would" have played.

1.Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party (Original Mix)
2. Kudesnik & PriSe - Starway (Original Mix)
3. Andy Blueman - Cydonia (Original Mix)
4. John O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly (Original Mix)
5. DJ Sentinel - Linau Six (Original Mix)
6. Ralph Novell - Wrong Love (Alphazone Mix)
7. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets (Original Mix)
8. Above & Beyond - No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)
9. Andy Blueman - Time To Rest (Original Mix)
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once again it skipped... something really is wrong with the set, i tried to encode to 192... i dont know whats wrong with it
yes offcourse, but im still trying to figure it out why ... im trying to encode it to 320 then back down to 192... its telling me its on 48000 khz... it should be 44.1 ?