2006|09|08 Mike Noir Presents Wave Of Sound 013


Jun 4, 2006
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The Show will be broadcasted on Friday at 8 PM - 9 PM (CET)

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The Tracklist will be posted during the set.


1. Chicane Feat. Bryan Adams - Dont Give Up (Original Mix) [XTRAVAGANZA]
2. Allende - Dismal Clouds (Santiago Nino Remix) [WILDCHILD]
3. Seven Senses - Southern Cross (Original Mix) [REMARK RECORDS]
4. Departure - She Turns (Markus Schulz Remix) [ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS]
5. Perry O'Neil - South West Saga (Original Mix) [ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS] [Tune Of The Week]
6. Savannah - Savannah La Mar (Sunlounger Mix) [BLACK HOLE]
7. Rio Addicts - Crossroads (Perry O'Neil Remix) [ELECTRONIC ELEMENTS] [Classic Of The Week]
8. Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Club Mix) [SUPRA]
9. Gustavo Santaolalla - The Wings (Theme From Brokeback Mountain) (Gabriel & Dresden's Organized Nature Mix) [VERVE]

Make sure to tune in this week, as well I'm w8ing for the comments to make this show even better:p

Some time ago I have provided something new like Classic Of The Week and Tune Of The Week (of course in my opinion;P from 2005 and older) if someone want to help with chosing next COTW or TOTW send me pm and I will consider it.
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Ok go :d vocal male trance :d yeeaaa Mike :) \o/
Wave of Sound 013 with Mike Noir..! here we go! :)
today a little bit calmer then last time :p hehe melodic tunes i hope u all will enjoy it :D
Next vocal trance choooon :D Love Love Love :)

Nice mixing beat's mike you wanna good dj in the future :) Events rest for U :):):):)
don't sleep listeners... go go go .... Feel The music on Ah(dot)fm :D lol
Nice music :D very calm...:p
I'm waiting for song....you know?
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3rd beatmatch wasnt so good maybe thats why because today is 13th :p:p:p:p episode :p hehe lol :)
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kasiulka lol :D I didnt know who are U but mike said me :):) lol lol lol Big lol :D
When U will go to Prima Club? :)


Good tune :)
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Write mike on forum for whom this track :D heh :D nice
wooohooooooooo massive vocal :D and last tune is for all fans of one movie i will not say anything more... :D
Nice set Mike THXS...! :)