2006|09|13 Vexilium pres. Different Dimension Episode 001


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Jul 29, 2006
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16:00 - 17:00 EST
21:00 - 22:00 GMT
22:00 - 23:00 CET
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132-137 (progressive & uplifting trance)

DIFFERENT DIMENSION OFFICIAL INTRO: Sequential One – 60 Seconds Till Dance
01. Selu Vibra – Divine (Algarve Remix) [Somatic Sense]
02. Mark Norman feat. Celine – Colour My Eyes (Dub Mix) [Black Hole]
03. The Nomads – The Holy Land Spirit (DJ Shah's Dub) [Vandit]
04. Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Mike Foyle vs. John O'Callaghan Club Mix) [Armada]
05. Sia - Breathe Me (Pillow One's Deep Broken Heart Mix) [CD-R]
06. Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill – No Need To Come Back (Original Mix) [ASOT]
07. Joonas Hahmo vs. ATB feat. York - The Fusion Of Love (Vexilium Mashup) [CD-R]
08. P.A.F.F. – Proglifting (Progmix) [CD-R]
09. Sebastian Brandt – Mysteria (Carl B pres. Peak Remix) [Statement]
10. Matt Darey - Eternity (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [Darey Products]

Hi guys! This is my first time on Afterhours. For this occasion I made very special mix with unreleased & new tracks. I hope that you will like it :) See you tomorrow!

Thanks to Paff for great banners, Nyfe for show name & Dan for the chance of playing here :ah:
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super niemoge sie doczekac :)
cant wait .. this is your first show on Afterhours.FM
No Rafał ciekawe co tam wymyśliłeś, już czekam :)
can't wait
leci muza :))
jescze 2 tygodnie i Polonia in the Mix 15 polskich djejuw :)
Yeah, my track was played few minutes ago, I'm so proud of it ;)
Thanks Rafal! :)

Keep up the good sets! Because this episode was awesome ;)

Dzieki stary :)
PAFF powienien zrobic nam plakat na polski dj dzien ... jak myslisz? pogadaj znim
Dan > tutaj jestem ;) no ok, coś pokombinuję z tym plakatem, postaram się :)
Fajny secik :)
Dzieki Rafał :D
Dzieki za sluchanie i opinie :D Trackliste zamiescilem na samym poczatku :)

Thx for listening & opinions :D You can see tracklist in my first post.

NEXT SHOW: 27th September 2006
OMG, what a damn nice mashup of Fields of Love & Fusion!!! OMG