2006|09|25 Vision84 Presents Sound Therapy 001


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May 1, 2006
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Vision84 Presents Sound Therapy


2nd and 4th Mondays every month 16 - 18 CET
Name of Show: Sound Therapy
MIxed by Vision84 and Mike van Weyden

Yeah :)
Today is my first show on AH

I hope You will enjoy it.
We will c about that :P hehe but im looking forward to the show and :welcome: on the forum and in dj crew :P
Due to a small mix up with time zones, this did not play, Im sorry about that, the problem is fixed and wont happen again, show will be played today, please check Next 5 Shows to see when.

Once again my apologies
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then till next time
in two weeks :)
Listened to this show and wow.. what you guys think?
Yea, it was pretty sick. Cool choones. What was the track playing at around 9:57 Eastern Standard Time?
Im sure Silvio de Vega will post a tracklist ...
i hope too massive set from vision84 cant w8 for the special mix on saturday :D \o/
ok ok guys
Here's the Tracklist

Sound Therapy 001 with Vision84 and Mike van Weyden www.vision84.com

Hour one mixed by Silvio de Vega of Vision84:
1. Sonorone - Ryokan (original mix)
2. Viscid - Crazy (original mix)
3. Isotope - Lotos (original mix)
4. Leon Bolier and Elsa Hill - No need to come back (original mix)
5. Envio - For you (original mix)
6. Duende - Luna negra (original mix)
7. Mark Eteson - ID (dub mix)
8. Will Holland vs. Activa - Amnesia (John O'Callaghan remix)
9. Temple 1 - Eternal light (original mix)
10. Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Rank 1 - Life less ordinary (original mix)

Hour two mixed by Mike van Weyden:
11. Tatana - If i could (Ronski Speed remix)
12. Miikka Leinonen pres. Denver - End of days (original vocal mix)
13. Javier and Fijneman - Sweet talk (Phynn remix)
14. Orjan - Prison break (original mix)
15. Tiësto - He's a pirate (orchestral mix)
16. Solid Haze vs. Milez - Reduced (Robert Burns remix)
17. Giuseppe Ottaviani and Marc van Linden - Until monday (Mac and Mac remix)
18. John O'Callaghan - Cruise control (original mix)
19. Re:Locate - Rogue (original mix)
20. S.O. Project - Direct dizko (Sander van Doorn remix)
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