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2006|10|08: Eco presents Strobe Life Sessions 056 road to the 2 year anniversary!

DJ Eco

Aug 23, 2006
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The countdown begins... only on.... http://www.afterhours.fm at 9PM(ET)/2AM(GMT)

STROBE LIFE SESSIONS 057 road til the 2nd year anniversary (2 weeks to go)

Yes, it's been 2 years since Strobe Life Sessions started broadcasting.......... almost..... Get ready for the countdown to the 2-year anniversary mega-show in two weeks with a special blend of past and present. Hour one will feature a classics set from all genres of EDM and hour two will feature my Strobe Life Sessions live @ Cocorico (in Italy) from a month and a half ago! Enjoy!

TO LISTEN, GO TO http://www.afterhours.fm and choose your connection...

This is the sound of New York. This is the sound of Strobe Life.
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