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2006|10|11 Mark OTtiz Presents - Travelling episode 013


Jun 30, 2006
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hello every one and welcome once again to another episode of travelling todays show is a bit different from the others i usually like to play tracks depending on my mood and today is awesome so be ready to dance !! lol hope u enjoy the show

i will post the tracklist later on
thank you all
thank you for tuning in !! =) i love that track too track number 2 def a floor killer
ok so hereis the tracklist

1 - Kalwi and remi vs john marks - revolution (kalwi remix)
2 - E Craig - Home (Dub Mix)
3 - Mike Koglin vs Mark Pledger - ultraviolet
4 - Fred Baker Presents Odyssey - Magic Pad
5 - Fred Baker vs Greg Nash - Electro Shock
6 - G tek - The message
7 - Mark Horizon presents momentum - Vantage point
8 - Divi & Warning - 4Lb
9 - Phynn - Tresure Island
10 Alex Morph vs Talla - Full Prelude
couldn't join in time - but I hope to hear your set at a Replay, MarkO