2006|11|1 Config Pres Retrovisions 008 With Simon Steur Guestmix!


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Jun 23, 2006
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Hi and welcome to a new episode of Retrovisions ;) This is the last time i'm playing After Manuel Le Saux and i'll make sure u won't forget this set in weeks ! :)

Today is a special episode, because i've got a Simon Steur Guestmix for you in it ;) He will be doing the last half hour of the show this week ;) Simon is the brother of the famous Jonas Steur and he's very skilled already. He did a splendid set for Benelux in the mix too, so make sure u'll tune in :)



01. Kimito Lopez - Telepathy (Estuera vs Re:Locate Remix)
02. Jonas Steur - Silent Waves
03. Fable - Above
04. Estuera - Flow

Simon Steur Guestmix

05. Solar Stone feat. JES - Like A Waterfall (Club Mix)
06. Solar Stone - The Calling (Jonas Steur Remix)
07. Estuera vs. Mr. Sam feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Split From The South (Jonas Steur Bootleg)
08. Re:locate feat. M.I.D.O.R. - Alcatraz
09. Fable - Nightshift (Re:locate Remix)

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I'd like to thank Config for giving me this chance to have another mix on Afterhours :) I enjoyed a lot of the sets yesterday with Benelux In The Mix and I hope you all will enjoy this episode of Retrovisions as well. :super:
Tuned already for my friend and his special guest. Heard some nice things about Simon, so I'm sure this episode will be very nice!
yes ! we will also be tuned ! Dan has Warn us for the change ! we will have T4L before us in the next 2 weeks... a bit Shame... but be sure we will stay tuned for your great show even if it'll be after ours !! We will make an annoncement in PTP007 for french audience and the others to stay tuned for Retrovision just after ! ;)