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2006|11|10 mRB Presents - Not Forgotten


Aug 19, 2006
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mRB Presents - Not Forgotten

Most DJ's will be very aware how sometimes we can forget about them wicked tunes that entered the record box earlier in the year in order to be upfront and tasty with fresh new pulses - Tonights show remembers some of the memorable beats from earlier this year that lurk in archive racks and on HDD's around the globe just itching to be re-played - Enjoy the tunes that forge the way forward in electronic music tunes that should be " NOT FORGOTTEN "


1) Backtrax vs Kraftwerk - The Model (Extended Mix)
2) Bedrock - Santiago (Bedrocks St James Mix)
3) Matteo & Sant Pres Alexander - I stand Alone (Paul Harris Mix)
4) Marcelo Castelli - Better Days (Santigo Nino Remix)
5) DJ Paulo & Todd Dutkevitch - The Brazilian Rainforest (Creative Mix)
6) Camorima - Sixteen Years (Plaza Crew Remix)
7) Sound Set - Everyday (Dub Re-Edit)
8) Bionik Phunk - In My Head (Bionik Phunks Big Room Blaster)
9) Pam Pero - Dead Meat (Spado Mix)
10) Fred De f - Electron Mox (Codeta Mix)
11) Spencer parker - open your eyes (luke dzierziek remix)
12) Tiny stike - watching u (dub)
13) Filo and peri - dance with a devil (electro rerub mix)
14) Laurent pautrat - my position (electro_mix)
15) Hiratzka and joe c - show u the way (chris micali remix)
16) Probspot - blows my mind (probspot dub mix)
17) Junkie xl - today (unkle remix)
18) Unknown - White Label
19) Purple Haze - Eden


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G'night guys thanks for your support all those who checked out the show laterz.