2006|11|24 DJ DuneRav0r Trance Mad Sessions [022] with Matt Darey


Jun 2, 2006
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I'll spare you with a fancy intro as the two sets tonight are absolute beasts. First up with a Matt Darey selection from April this year to give a bit of a reminder of some of this years great tracks. Then I'm following up with a merge of electro and tribal which should provide a bit of contrast as well as trying to get away from the tunes that get cained all the time.
Matt Darey Guest Mix
1. Filo & Perry - Ordinary Moment
2. Jose amnesia v Mitishka – My all – Flash Bro Remix
3. Gabriel & Dresden – Tracking Treasure down – Kayu V albert
4. Super 8 v Armin – Watching Scorchin
5. Rob Nickleson – Close Your eyes – Orig
6. Stalker – Magic Crayon - MaorLevi
7. Interstate – I found you – Orig
8. Pimenov – Rockstar – Mashtronic
9. Starkillers – Discotech
10. Ferry Corsten – Whatever - Coburn