2006|11|26 Thomas Sagstad - Everybody needs a Groove.fm 002 Best of summer 2006 edt.


Nov 12, 2006
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1.)Electricano - Harmony of soul (David ferrero house park remix)
2.)Christian Alvarez - Say Oh (Olav Basoski remix)
3.)Michael Gray - Borderline ( Ian Carey remix)
4.)Nils de vries - 12 inch
5.)Chris Lake Vs Kings of Tomorrow - Final Changes
6.)Milk & Suger - Has your man got soul IAn Carey remix)
7.)Soloro - The inside
8.)Plastic Funk - round & round ( Ian Carey remix)
9.)Hugh Heffner - Dance 2 disco (Raul Rincon remix)
10.)Ian Carey - Loose Control

Thanx to all 4 listening, Just wanted to a a set with the tracks i played the most this summer! Thanx to Ian Carey 4 makin this incredble House tracks. Really messed up the floors this summer!!

Make Sure you check out my website and stuff.

Untill next episode, take care and enjoy the holidays.

Oh dude, im listening the replay. A sick good electro track is what im hearing :love:

''***** suck my 12 inch'' :LMFAO:
Dont like the current playing vocal track :(
Dont like the current playing vocal track :(

To bad ;) , Clubbers loved it soo, guess u cant please every1;)
Please suck my 12" fuckin awsome. Amzing on the floors..
Hopefully i will be able to mix my show 4 sunday, got computer crash atm! i`ll sort it out somehow..
Show on sunday will be deeper and more laidback than this episode, buti`ll promise some big tracks...+ my new remix of leonid Rudenko, wich is btw out on Royal Flush recordings & Starwiev .

Phllip: Yeh man, i hope im not the only one ;)

cheers guys