2006|12|01 Aly & Fila. December Promo Mix Exclusively Live On Afterhours.FM


Oct 6, 2006
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Aly & Fila. December Promo Mix Exclusively Live On Afterhours.Fm 01.12.06


01. Vascotia - Avalon (Ferry Tayle'DreamMaker'Mix)
02. Ferry Tayle & Tonks - Vol De Nuit (Ferry Tayle 'In Spirit Of St Exupery' Mix)
03. Sun Decade - I'm Alone (StoneFace & Terminal Vocal Mix)
04. Kenidel Lopez - Heavens Caliber (Thomas Datt 2006 Mix)
05. Andy Craze - New Life (Original Mix)
06. Mark Eteson & Jon Prior - Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix)
07. ID - ID
08. Steve Birch - Full Throttle (Digital Nature Remix)
09. Aly & Fila Pres. A & F Project - Ankh (Breath Of Life) (Original Mix)

Hey all my MusicFriends :) Sorry I was not listening & Making thread, posting tracklist for Aly & Fila - The Future Sound Of Egypt 010 On DI.Fm. this Tuesday I was out with my Mum and grandma for dinner..

But I'm back tonight..

And Let us tune in all to AfterHours.Fm to Support Aly & Fila last 2006 Monthly Promo Mix :D But don't worry we are back fully in January 2007 again :)We never dissapoints ur fans ;)

The set starts ca 22:00 - 23:00 (CET) And get's ONLY aired Live Exclusively on AfterHours.Fm tonight So don't miss it We got AWESOME set like always for your all tonight..

Sorry but no WP's today :(But we are back packed with them in next Friday's Spiritual Moment set So don't worry.. :)

So please tune in to AfterHours.Fm 22:00 - 23:00 (CET) I will be making this thread there to. And post tracklist on both, and chat with my friends

I have lots of stuff to do before the set starts. :)

So C'ya all in about 1 hour ca

Regards Espen.
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And Here we have started ;) Enjoy the beauty ride :) AWESOME first track :) WOOW :)
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So oooFucking AWESOME track this is :) But where are all the listeners today :( Come on tune into this beauty for the best weekend started you ever can get ;)

Your will not be dissapointed :D
Really sweet :) This track was released earlyer today on Audiojelly with 1 Remix :) Check it out :)
What a Aly & Fila set it was :) It was Extremly Gorgeous!!" :) :) Sweet sweet stuff!!!

Thnx for those who tuned in.

I'm a bit dissapointed many did not join us for the last Aly & Fila - Monthly Promo Mix for 2006... :(

But I hope still many listened even your was not posting in the forum

January 2007 we are back with Aly & Fila - January 2007 Promo Mix.

Remember next Friday a brand new Aly & Fila - Spiritual Moment. We have comed to E.P. 037 It will be packed with WP's.

Tune in please. To check forthcoming Aly & Fila set's/gigs etc. Check Schedule section on Aly & Fila homesite..

Once again Thnx to all for of you tune in.

Big respect..

C'ya sometime soon again my MusicFriends :)

Have a great evening, and splended weekend :)

Best regards Espen.
Andy Craze - New Life (Original Mix) , YEAH !!! :choon: Im after this beauty since summer , wonderful tune ... again great show boys :)
Im enjoying this set atm..didnt catch the live one.
I really enjoy it :super:
\o/ Kenidel Lopez - Heavens Caliber (Thomas Datt Mix) \o/

Kenidel Lopez - Heavens Caliber (Thomas Datt Mix)

so freaking amazing! <3 going on my top fav for 2006....
Andy Craze - New Life (Original Mix) this one released yesterday! im getting for sure! :)
Mark Eteson & Jon Prior - Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix) nice tune! i wonder if this will have a release. :hmmmm2: :lollypop:
07. ID - ID hehe i know what this is! :LMAO: amazing tune! :P:

<3 <3 <3
Steve Birch - Full Throttle (Digital Nature Remix)

this sounds alot like sonicvibe elements! pumping tune thought....