2006|12|06 DreamensioN presents Universal Language 004


Universal Language
May 6, 2006
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Back from my overseas holiday, I didn't get a chance to do a mix for November. So this month I bring you Universal Language 004. This set will take you though various styles of dance music with tracks by Justin Timerlake, Deepsky, Garbage, Sasha, Queen and Dirty Vegas.

So tune in 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, this Wednesday 6th of December for my latest release on www.ah.fm.

The tracklist I will lay down is this:
01 - Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (Bill Hamel Justinough Vocal Mix)
02 - Deepsky feat Jes Brieden vs Yilmaz Altanhan - Ghost vs Eighties (AvB mashup)
03 - Estuera - Tales From The South (Jonas Steur Revision Flow)
04 - Benz and MD - Underoath (Perry Oneil remix)
05 - Garbage - When I Grow Up (Danny Tenaglia's club mix)
06 - Sasha - Xpander (Original Mix)
07 - RR Workshop - Solar Flare (Original mix)
08 - Dirty Vegas - Days go by (Scumfrog vocal mix)
09 - Bakke and Ljungqvist - Bali (Original Mix)
10 - Queen vs Grayarea - We will rock you vs One for the road (Shane 54 mix)

Check out www.dreamension.net to download my previous mix sets for AH.FM.

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Hot! But why did you place the tracklist already? (:|
hehe...cause its too much effort to update it as it goes... also everyone in Euro and US is asleep when I stuff plays.
farken loved it :D

good work Noel - i'll have this one on repeat for a while :super: :super:
hehe...cause its too much effort to update it as it goes... also everyone in Euro and US is asleep when I stuff plays.

About whole europe was awake ;p
You did right - thanks a lot - it is appreciated by us who dont know all
the titles.
btw - track list looks tremendous - and the write up on your web page is more
than excellent - great stuff - waiting for the show now.

Have a great one.
Thanks for the url for your previous sets - picked up the old set No 2 -
really excellent tracks - brilliant sound and excellent mixing - thanks again.
would love to stay and go through your excellent set but I am falling asleep
at the screen. Tired out - sorry - but I will post tomorrow when I am refreshed.

Goodnight from the UK
nearly gone but just had to comment on this brill track
I had to check the list to see who wrote it
Tales from the south - excellent track great sound and lovely beat.
my last post for tonight\morning.
really going this time. goodnight Australia(never mentioned the cricket)
thought you had gone was the answer yes to spamming or not?
agree with Config it is one of the best tracks - well top 20 anyway
sound is brill - beat is awesome