2006|12|14 DJ Revel pres. Revel's Radio Show 039


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Jun 26, 2006
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Revel`s Radio Show 039
06:00 PM CET // 05:00 PM GMT // 12:00 PM EST


>> Tracklisting:
01. Store N Forward feat. Mil Bro - 4 Seasons In 1 Day (Original Mix) [Afterglow]
02. Air Hustlers - Downtime (Inner Sanctuary Dub) [Bandung]
03. Ronski Speed - The Space We Are (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Euphonic]
04. Kuffdam & Plant feat. Terry Ferminal - The Ones We Loved (Dogzilla Remix) [Vandit]
05. Stoneface & Terminal - Super Nature [Euphonic]
06. Giuseppe Ottaviani - Through Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Vandit]
07. Sean Tyas - Pacifier [Inspired]
08. Solid Haze feat. Miles - Reduxed (Original Mix) [ITWT]
09. Carlo Resoort - Tom Tom [Liquid]
10. Jesselyn - Contact [Silicon]
>> Mixed using Vinyl & CD >> Total Time 59:54

>> DOWNLOAD >> http://djrevel.net/DL/RRS_039/
Tune in & enjoy!
comments are welcome (no matter if bad or good) :) //criticism builds
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sweet begin :)
FUuuw! Not too late for Rebel Revel! :)
Wow dude, that mix o_O :love: <3 I didnt even notice ''the space we are'' got mixed to '' the ones we loved'' This while those are very well known tracks for me. :)
dj_revel : here we go... whos there ?
finally I am able to reply here( I must turn the phone off when I listen to AH lol) way to go Revel you're doing great ;)
I love it when i hear the vinyl spinnin on the desks :party:
The Ones We Loved --->> Super Nature

Less good mixing :p:
thank You laan thank you and good evening Stella :) it's very nice to have regular listeners and forum members... i'm glad you like my set... and You must know I do not play for me... I play for you - all listeners out there, so your support will be always noticed and appreciated... thx a lot one more time :)
yup the super nature transition was kind of shit... sorry for that folks :):):) :p

hehe no worries :) Your cute Polish way of talking english Makes it all good :LMFAO:
are you laughing at me, laan ? :) so maybe we should talk in polish :p

Im dutch! And there is only 1 thing i can say in Polish ( not even sure how to write it )


Btw not really liking: Sean Tyas - Pacifier [Inspired] :p: