2006|12|22 Angelo Mike & John Hetmond presents SENTENCE SESSIONS episode 4

John Hetmond

Oct 2, 2006
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Hi all!

Tonight @ Sentence Sessions another great progressive set from Angelo Mike!

You'll hear a lot of progressive , dark voices and sounds so... get ready !

We're starting at 8 PM CET .

Your weekly host
:LMFAO: John Hetmond

We wish you a beautiful and calm Christmas with warm,
familial atmosphere... Without any problems and worries... !

- Angelo Mike and John Hetmond -
zaczal jakims mrocznym kawalkiem 8( , ale sie rozkreca :super: ...rippek juz jedzie na twardego :)
sorry for non-energetic "vocal-intro" but i have a flu = / and it was hard to say anything... i hope you'll forgive me = ]
love the before one ! neeeeeeeeeed the title !!!!!!!
baaa Angelo i Hetmond dobraa ekippa :P
chciałbym ich usłyszeć w następnym roku na Sensation w Polscee :D
tune!!!!!! What's The Point:love:
btw hello all
massive&amazing set I have enjoyed it much,hope to catch a replay and the next one too
thanks for playing!
Stella do you want this set?! ...i need only a tracklist...
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