2006|12|25 ReGenesis - Extended Reality 002


Sep 27, 2006
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Start Times:
14.00-15.00 Pacific
17.00-18.00 Eastern
22.00-23.00 GMT
23.00-00.00 CET

01. Sander van Doorn - Grasshopper
02. Abel Ramos - Electro Fun (Original Mix)
03. Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah (Randy Katana Edit)
04. Chocolate Puma - Always & Forever (Bart Claessen Remix)
05. Divini & Warning - 4lb
06. Mac & Mac - Rippin Base (Scott Mac Mix)
07. Tatana Meets Tyas - Children 2006
08. Richard Durand - Slipping Away (Original Non Vocal Mix)
09. Tiesto - Flight 643 (Richard Durand Remix)

Next Show January 22nd 2007​
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I'll be listening of course!

jedrekmaly 25th December 2006, Christmas Day....quite a gift ;)
I missed the 1st episode 'cause internet issues,but tonight I will tune in for sure and not miss the show
c ya later :ciao:
Go Regenesis ;)

Welcome to the show, hope everyone's having a great day so far, thanks for tuning in today!
w00t Bodyrox yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I am tuned in and I like what I am hearing
Very nice so far :) :super:

ReGenesis, I see that you like Pulp Fiction :p:
Tatana Meets Tyas - Children 2006 :choon: massive!
im so proud of you my student ;)
w0000000000000t this one gets me totally lost! love it big time!!<3 <3 <3 another massive choon